WordPress has been a popular choice for website development for many years, but developers often have reservations about using it. Security issues, lack of flexibility, poor performance, and difficulty to maintain are some of the common reasons why developers don’t like WordPress.

Security is a major concern because WordPress is an open source platform, meaning anyone can access and change the code. This makes it vulnerable to malicious code and hacking, which can cause costly and time-consuming damage to repair. Additionally, WordPress can be limited in its capabilities, and developers may need to use third-party plugins and themes to customize their sites.

Performance is another issue for developers, as WordPress sites can be slow and prone to errors. It can also be difficult to optimize WordPress sites for search engine rankings due to the lack of tools and features available. Finally, WordPress requires frequent updates and regular maintenance to ensure it is secure and up-to-date.

Ultimately, developers need to decide if WordPress is the right platform for their needs, or if they should explore other options.