What Does a WordPress Web Developer Do?

Web development is becoming an increasingly popular career path, and WordPress web developers are some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. But what exactly does a WordPress web developer do? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the duties and responsibilities of a WordPress web developer and discuss how someone can become one.

What Is a WordPress Web Developer?

A WordPress web developer is a professional who specializes in designing, developing, and managing websites built with the WordPress platform. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) used by millions of websites around the world. It’s a popular choice for web developers due to its user-friendly interface and vast array of features.

What Does a WordPress Web Developer Do?

The duties of a WordPress web developer can vary depending on the project, but generally, they are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Designing and developing websites using WordPress
  • Installing, configuring, and managing WordPress plugins and themes
  • Developing custom themes and plugins
  • Troubleshooting issues and resolving bugs
  • Optimizing websites for speed and search engine rankings
  • Creating backups and ensuring website security
  • Writing and debugging code
  • Performing website maintenance and updates

In addition to these duties, a WordPress web developer may also be responsible for web hosting, SEO optimization, and other web-related tasks.

How to Become a WordPress Web Developer

If you’re interested in becoming a WordPress web developer, there are a few steps you should take. First, you should become familiar with the WordPress platform, including the coding languages and APIs it uses. You should also become familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as these are essential for creating custom themes and plugins.

Once you have a basic understanding of WordPress, you should consider taking courses or completing tutorials to further refine your skills. There are many online courses available for aspiring WordPress web developers, and these can help you learn the ropes quickly and easily.

In addition to formal training, it’s also important to practice your skills. You can do this by building websites for friends and family, or by creating your own projects. This will help you gain experience and improve your skills.


WordPress web developers are in high demand, and the job can be both rewarding and lucrative. If you have the right skills and experience, you can become a WordPress web developer and start building high-quality websites for clients. With the right training and practice, you can become a professional WordPress web developer in no time.