For example, The New York Times newspaper uses WordPress as the engine for its blog.

How to Make Google Like Your Site – Simple SEO Rules

The first section is the title of their website (The New York Times) and the second section is the slogan (Latest News, Other). What would it look like if they used the standard default tagline?

The New York Time – Another WordPress Blog…

They would look ridiculous in the eyes of users and from the point of view of Google. Therefore, be sure to add a teline.

To edit the default tagline, go to Settings → General in the WordPress admin area. If you’re using a logo to replace the header in your post, there’s nothing wrong with that. But still, it’s better to change it.

Set up permalinks

Permalinks are a structure in the URLs of your posts. To find permalinks in the WordPress admin, go to Settings → Permalinks.

In a standard WordPress installation, the first option is “Default” with the structure

How to Make Google Like Your Site – Simple SEO Rules

However, you need to select the “Post Name” option with the structure, or set it to “Custom” as shown in the picture above.

The easier it is for you to read the URL yourself, the easier it will be for Google to understand what you want to say. A good permalink structure is the first step to building a good blog.

Do you need proof? Take a look at the URL of this entry in your browser. You can easily read and understand what this article is about, right?

Optimize images on your site

This is one of the little SEO tricks that a lot of people overlook. Almost everyone who adds entries to the site also adds pictures. But Google doesn’t see them the way we see them. He only reads the description to them.

Google wants to know what the image is about and how to categorize it, so they need to be told that. Always add a description to the picture you’re adding and use a keyword related to the article in it.

How to Make Google Like Your Site – Simple SEO Rules

Nobody likes those who slow down, and Google absolutely hates. After the latest algorithm updates, page loading speed plays a very important role in page ranking, and image loading can play an important role in this.

Here is a great free plugin to help you reduce the size of your images and optimize them for Google search.

How to Make Google Like Your Site – Simple SEO Rules

Image optimization may take some time. But it’s worth it. Spend a few extra minutes editing your post and it will help you in the future.

Your site’s content: Google’s main leverage

Google is the queen of SEO, and you certainly don’t want to piss her off. Like most women, she can give back if you start to put pressure on her. What is meant here?


And if Google is the Queen, then the content on your site is the King. This refers to high-quality and unique content. And you will not win the trust of the queen if you use texts stolen from other sites, or use spam links. Otherwise, you will simply end up on her black list …

Content, keywords, and link building are essential components of an SEO strategy today, but don’t overdo it. If you need help with these questions, then follow these simple steps:

Use the keyword in the title, but only in such a way that it naturally fits into the sentence, as if you were having a conversation with your interlocutor. If your offer sounds annoying to a person, it will sound the same to Google.

Change the endings of keywords using inflections.

Link internally to other pages and posts on your blog.

These are the simplest rules to follow in order not to “irritate” the search engine, at least for today.

Use Google+

How to Make Google Like Your Site – Simple SEO Rules

A lot of people don’t like Google+, and there’s a lot of discussion about whether the social network helps in ranking the pages of a site. But activity on Google+ still showed a positive result.

Google loves attention. That’s why we compared her to a woman.

If you still don’t have a Google+ profile, create one now. Create a blog page and verify that it belongs to you so that Google can see it.

Instead of totals

Google knows what it wants, and if you want to gain its attention, trust, and affection for your blog, you need to play by its rules. If you manage your WordPress blog properly, following all the content creation tips, you will get the desired result very soon.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – Setup Guide

As you probably know, search engine optimization in practice means tuning your site in such a way as to achieve the best results in search engine results. By correctly hitting the search queries, the content will help increase the number of new visitors and the amount of overall traffic attracted to the site.

There are different opinions about how much effort and time it is worth spending on SEO campaigns. There is no single opinion on this matter. But luckily, WordPress users have a lot of plugins at their fingertips to help you fine-tune your site for all SEO parameters in the best possible way. Today we are going to talk about the popular WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and give some tips on how to set it up.