The Impact of a College Degree on Career Earning Potential

There are few scenarios in which having a college degree will not help you earn more income. One of the most cited contradictions is Bill Gates, but he is an exception to the rule. Unless you plan to and are capable of inventing the next technological innovation as significant and world changing as the computer, you should set your sights on a college degree.

What Your Salary Can be with a College Degree

College graduates, on average, earn more than twice what high school graduates make. Also, the vast majority of jobs which are going to be most in demand during the next decade Làm bằng giả require college degrees. In the areas of healthcare and teaching, there are limited exceptions, even for people with experience.

In an uncertain economy, the benefits of securing a college degree are magnified. A degree affords you a greater opportunity at job security and puts you ahead of others clamoring for similar positions. If unemployment rises, you have more chance of being hired than others. Also, because you probably paid a lot for your education, employers know they need to pay you more and are willing to do so since you will have emerged from your college experience with a lot more useful knowledge and thinking skills.

Value of a College Degree

Even if you are destined for a field in which you do not have a degree, the sheepskin makes you look smarter and more prestigious. It means you know how to work hard and can be relied upon to follow through on assignments. Though many with a college degree begin at an entry level position in the new field, you will normally receive more pay than an entry level salary simply because you have the diploma to demonstrate that you work hard. A person without a college degree would have to accept an entry level position even if better qualified than you, because they don’t have the degree to prove their greater financial worth.

If you do pursue a job in the field you studied, employers will typically give preference to hiring you because it means they don’t need to spend nearly as much company time and money training you. So instead of settling for an entry level position and doing all the training while on your job, you get the benefit of the college experience, learning with your friends, and then securing a preferable job from the beginning.

Though you may have already entered the work force, it is never too late to return to school and earn the get the degree you need to earn similar money as your professional peers. As many do today, you can even return to college while working full time. That makes for a heavy load, but lasts for a relatively short period of time. Given the general unpredictability of the economy, you only stand to gain from taking full advantage of collegiate level educational opportunities.

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