Restaurant marketing ideas

A quick online search will reveal an abundance of restaurant marketing ideas. But are they effective? It’s a shame to invest your hard-earned money and time on a promotional plan that’s doomed right from the beginning. The three ideas below have been proven to work for other people and will be effective for you as well.

1. Create a Facebook fan page. Facebook is frequently the most popular site in the Internet (it is able to move between the top spot and second place with Google). Facebook lets you create an account on which you can build a following and share your ideas as well as your restaurant.

The best way to advertise your restaurant on Facebook is to set up some sort competition that users will be interested in joining and would like to tell their friends about. Think about ‘free ribs for a FreeQRmenu year’ if you’re an restaurant that serves ribs. This is something that members of your neighborhood can really dive into and then share with their friends. It’s important to note that people who go to your page on Facebook can be entered into the contest only after they have liked your page. This will result in an immediate increase in traffic to your page as well as to your restaurant, and is an ongoing benefit as you continue to advertise your restaurant to your new Facebook followers.

2. Create an alliance strategic to each other. This is a great restaurant promotion strategy. the most important thing is to locate an establishment in your area with a similar customer base that you do, but isn’t directly competing with your business. For instance, if you own a restaurant that is upscale, you could consider partnering with a local luxury vehicle dealer.

You can arrange for the dealer of the car hand out an $50 gift card to your restaurant for each successful test drive. The person who tests the vehicle won’t be alone and will spend more than $200 in your restaurant. It’s not about what you serve at the first night, but to keep the customers for the rest of their lives. There’s no reason to visit the luxury automobile dealer. Why not include dentists, jewellers and many more. There are endless possibilities.

3. Create and send a customer newsletter to customers. Customers want to feel that they are part of your establishment and regular communication is essential to creating that feeling of belonging, and also to increase the number of times they return. The most important thing to do when creating an effective newsletter is to make it engaging (personal is the best) and consistent (once every month is ideal) and include an invitation to action. The newsletter should reflect the character of the restaurant, and include an offer that is only available to the reader should they decide to take action and contact the restaurant to make reservations immediately. A regular communication that is accompanied by special deals is a fantastic method to advertise your restaurant.

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