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The actual degree programs are online certificates, an associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and an MBA degree, and doctoral degrees. The three the average online student is pursuing either a certificate, an associates, or a bachelor’s degree.

A certificate program is the fastest to obtain. The US News refers to certificate programs as mini-degrees. Certificates are used in industries such as financial planning, technology, food services, and criminal justice. A certificate program is fast paced and skill-centered. It can take anywhere  from làm bằng cấp 3 eight weeks to one year to complete a certificate program depending on what the student is studying. Studies show that students are two times more likely to finish certificate program then other students are to finish any of the other degree program.

It takes sixty credit hours to complete an associate’s degree sixty credit hours in a It’s the degree that most students get while attending community college. Many students who earn an associates degree later transfer to a bachelor’s program where the hours spent earning the degree can be applied directly to the total number of hours needed to finish the longer degree. If you are looking for a hospitality, or telecommunications and associates degree is a solid choice.

A bachelor’s degree is the most popular degree program. It requires between 120-128 credit hours, sixty of those hours can be transferred from an associates degree. People working in public administration, theology and divinit and human resources have bachelor’s degrees.

A recent study showed that people who had master’s degrees earned an average of two hundred dollars more a week then students that were content to settle for a bachelor’s degree. This prestigious degree requires anywhere from one to three years of graduate or post gradate study. In order to obtain a masters degree some students write a thesis while others are able to apply their work experience. In several careers, such as international business and technology, an on-line master’s degree garners more respect then master’s degrees earned through more traditional routes.

If a student is planning on starting their own business, specializing in a specific area, or competing in a global market, they may want to consider

In a recent study done by the U.S. Census Bureau students that went on to earn a doctoral degree are earning an average of $37,265 more then their counterparts who simply earned their bachelor’s degrees. The doctoral degree is the highest possible level of education. It takes approximately five years to complete. In order for a student to earn their doctoral degree a write a publishable thesis, complete original research, and complete a course of study. Only one in one hundred Americans earn a doctoral degree. Doctoral degrees can be earned in fields such as business and public health.

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